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Combat In The Wild
Combat In The Wild
Schedule: On Demand
Here at Combat In The Wild we embody the true spirit of the hunter. The name is all about what we as hunters do every time we hit the hunting ground. You are in a constant struggle against the animal you pursue. We put every effort into making that critical moment a long lasting memory of success in the field. Hunt or Be Hunted, an idea that is meant to inspire a new generation of hunters. We, as man or woman, were put on this earth and told to hunt the creatures of this land.
Available Episodes: (Click to watch On Demand)
CITW 2014 E19 "Last Chance Gobblers" Georgia Turkey hunting
CITW 2014 E12 "Hollywood Gobbler" Georgia Turkey Hunting
CITW 2014 E8 "Two Birds With One Stone" Georgia turkey hunting
"Turkeyologists Vol. III Preview" Georgia Turkey Hunting 2014
CITW 2014 E23 "Surrounded" Georgia Hog Hunting
CITW 2014 E9 "Paintbrush" Georgia turkey hunting
CITW 2014 E15 "Life in the Fast Lane" Georgia Turkey Hunting
CITW 2014 E14 "Never Give Up" Georgia Turkey Hunting
CITW 2014 E21 "Great Start" 2013 Georgia Deer Hunting
CITW 2014 E17 "Fun With Likhulu Safaris E2- South Africa Series"
CITW 2014 E10 "Second Time Is a Charm" Georgia Turkey Hunting Combat In The Wild
CITW 2014 E3 "Lake Seminole Canvasbacks"
CITW E7 "Least Expected" Georgia Deer Hunting 201
CITW 2014 E20 "Dead Eye Logan" Georgia Hog Hunting.... 4 hogs in one hunt
CITW "Here Piggy, Piggy" Hog Hunting E25 2014
CITW 2014 E18 " The Early Bird Gets the..... Turkey!" Georgia Turkey Hunting
CITW 2014 E6 "Aggravating Bacon" Georgia Hog Hunting
CITW 2014 E5 "Georgia Spring Turkey Hunt Giveaway 2013"
CITW 2014 E11 "Penned up up Gobbler" Georgia Turkey Hunting
"Ingrid's First Buck" Georgia Deer Hunting 2010
The Kansas Proving Grounds
Peach State Longbeards: Episode 1
Gobblers In The Sunshine State
Fish'in Bows" Georgia Bowfishing
"Gar Hole" Georgia Bow Fishing
Ducked Up
Smokin Bacon Episode 2
The McEver's
The Story Of Uno And The Big 7
How We Start
Goose It
Smok'in Bacon Episode 1
The Velvet Show Part 2
The Velvet Show Part 1
Hog Patrol
The End Of the Turkey Season
The Thunder Chicken Smackdown
Plain and Simple
Turkey Season Opener
Hog Time!
The Arkansas Smack Down
Guntersville Opener
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