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Lost Men Outdoors
Lost Men Outdoors
Schedule: On Demand
Our main goal at Lost Men Outdoors is to show the real world of hunting and what goes on in the woods for everyday people. We may not own the best property or have permission to hunt private lands, so we make do with what we have. For us, it's not just about shooting the biggest animal; it’s more about the experience and time spent with family and friends. We don't get the opportunities to shoot big deer often, but when the time comes, we will be ready. At the same time, we are selective and practice good ethics and morals when it comes to hunting. We respect the animals we hunt and appreciate the time we spend in nature. At Lost Men Outdoors, we believe in real people, real passion, and real hunting.
Available Episodes: (Click to watch On Demand)
Pursuing the Passion Ep 1.10 - Slingin'
Pursuing the Passion Ep 1.6 - The Young Guns
Pursuing the Passion Ep 1.7 - "3rd Times The Charm"
Pursuing the Passion Ep 1.11 - Different Kind of Trophy
Pursuing The Passion Ep 1.12 - Herd Control
Pursuing the Passion Ep 1.13 - Best Yet
Pursuing the Passion Ep 1.8 Creepin'
Pursing the Passion Ep 1.9 - First for Everything
Pursuing The Passion Ep 1.10 - "Slingin"
Pursuing The Passion Ep 1.4 - "The Trifecta"
Pursuing The Passion Ep 1.5 - "The Knoll"
Pursuing The Passion Ep 1.3 - Youth Turkey Hunt
Pursuing The Passion Ep 1.2 - "Chance of a Lifetime"
Pursuing The Passion Ep 1.1 - Catching a "Crook".
Pursuing the Passion Hype Video
Spring Struttin' Ep. 2.5 - Close Range
Spring Struttin' Ep. 2.4 - Takes Guts
Spring Struttin' Ep. 2.3 - Double Trouble
Spring Stuttin' Ep. 2.2 - Lucky Break
Spring Struttin' Ep. 2.1- The Grind
Spring Struttin' Season 2 Trailer
Ridge Runners 1.7- 3rd Times The Charm
Ridge Runners 1.10- Gun Season Part 2
Snow Geese 2015
Ridge Runners - Gun Season part 1
Ridge Runners-Daily Double
Ridge Runner-Close Calls
Spring Struttin' 1.7 - Double Down
Spring Struttin - 1.6 Brothers
Ridge Runner - Family
Spring Struttin-Episode 1.5 Fresh Ground
Ridge Runners-Episode 1.4 Magical 24
Bear Hunt Wisconsin
Episiode 1.3 Trial and Error
Episode 1.4 Persistence Pays
Episode 1.3 Tagged Out
Episode 1.2 Heartbreak and Redemption
Episode 1.1 Early October Success
Episode 1.1 Hammer Time
Episode 1.2 Just Take One
2014 snow goose
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