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Survive The Hunt
Survive The Hunt
Schedule: On Demand
The first and only Tactical, Hunting, Survival television show. The Reaper Team selects an AO, area of operations, a target, animal or animals to hunt, and infil/ exfil platforms. The team then deploys to the AO and begins the operation. The operation starts out with the infil, the platform will vary between vehicle, climb, rappel, parachute, ship, etc. Once in the AO the Team will be out there until they achieve mission success. Throughout the operation Reaper01 will be showcasing some of his unique skills learned while on real world missions. The Team also uses military style gear, weapons, and tactics to take down their targets. Once the Team has located a target they will take it down with a clean and legal kill. The Team will then reap the rewards of the hunt. The operation will close with an exfil using a variety of exciting platforms, helo, vehicle, ship, packing out, etc.
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